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Social Responsibility Policy


As Gersan Elektrik, Corporate Social Responsibility is based on the principle of respect for humanity and nature. We are progressing with the awareness that we are in charge of the future of the society and that we are responsible for future generations. In Gersan, our policy has been established to protect the health and safety of all living beings affected by our activities including our employees, contractors and the public. We expect all the companies that make up the Gersan Group to continue to manage their economic, social and environmental impacts responsibly and continue to prioritize society in this framework. Our aim is not to harm the environment by continuously improving our environmental activities and to progress with an institutional structure respecting human rights.

Freedom to work: Forced labor is absolutely forbidden in all our institutions. Everyone may terminate the employment contract legally. All of our employees are registered under social security.

Child Labor: We do not have employees under the age of 18 for healthy development of children and respect for the right to education. We are preparing our young people for their business lives by helping them to do their internships in schools by acting in accordance with the principles and procedures of employing young workers.

Working Hours: Due to efficient working and respect for human rights, working hours and overtime legislation should be appropriate. We only do it when the people are volunteering in overtime work under legal hours.

Prohibition of Discrimination: All employees are considered as having equal rights; it will never be possible to disadvantage people because of their gender, race, social group, color, disability, union, political opinion, root, religion, age, pregnancy.

Harassment and ill-treatment; There is a sense of management that is overly sensitive to, and never compromises from, verbal, physical, psychological harassment or coercion in any area that may be associated with the company or connected with the company.


Fight against corruption: Gersan expects the highest level of integrity in all business activities and relationships. We will not tolerate the exchange of money and gifts to influence the behavior of another person, organization, politician, state employee or authority in the interest of commercial and personal benefit. Even in countries where the bribery is welcomed, the bribery will not be allowed. Any kind of corruption, bribery, blackmail and abuse is strictly prohibited.

Fees and Payments: Fees are determined on certain days of the month and paid within the knowledge of the employees. In Gersan no one can be employed under minimum wage and overtime wages can not be given under the limits set by the state.

Occupational Health and Safety: Gersan’s foremost consideration and priority is; reducing all losses that may occur by preparing healthier and safer work environments for all people that are working and also can be effected by the Gersan. Prevention efforts are carried out for all kinds of accidents and illnesses that may affect people thoroughout their lives by education and raising the awareness.

Training: It is essential to increase occupational health and safety awareness of employees, and to provide occupational competences required for professional and personal development. In addition, we are orginizing internal or external trainings and with these organized trainings we aim the development of the employees because of the continuous development of the company is committed.


Our company has set a basic policy to protect the environment not only to save the day, but to preserve the future and future generations as an inheritance. For Example; towards preventing global warming, being sensitive to the environment and starting to work for this goal is an important action which seems to be small like a butterfly effect in the ecological system, but it is one of the greatest threats to the world. Gersan has the highest quality "ISO 14001 Environmental Management System". It aims at continuous development with an efficient environmental management system by providing the technical, financial and human resources required to reach the principles and targets of the clean environment at every stage of raw material selection, production and service activities.


Apart from legal obligations, our company proactively protects the environment. Examples of related activities:

 • Recycle; When throwing garbage and using chemical substances we always use best practices. We support "recycling" and show precision in all our workplaces.

• Energy saving: We use energy saving and durable lighting products in all our factories and offices with our own Led-busses.

• Environmentally friendly technologies: Galvanizing is a state-sponsored project for our environmentally friendly technologies. In addition, every detail such as waste water, chimney emissions, etc. is monitored programmatically.