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Company Profile

Increase in energy demand thanks to industrialization, rehabilitation of current power plants, standardizations that are required by EU harmonization laws increase the requirement for new investments, power transmission systems and technical materials that would ensure safety and endurance of these systems. 

GERSAN A.Ş., a leading company in electrical industry manufactures that carry, combine and protect systems and materials conductive over the line from power plants to the sockets at houses. 

Manufacture in this industry started in 1980 under the name Gersan Ticaret. From 1985 onwards, it went on business under the name GERSAN A.Ş. and had an experience spanning 26 years. 

Our main fields of operations are: manufacture of Busbar transmission and Distribution systems, Cable support systems, Grounding and Lightning prevention systems, spark gap arresters, main and intermediate distribution plates, elevated type cable supports and bauds, ventilation systems, support elements, various cable combinations, disconnect, connect and support elements, cable and pipe tagging systems, special conveyors that must be applied at any kind of projects, steel construction combination and fixation systems required for power transmission lines, Mechanical conveyor systems, Building, Industrial plants, Car factories, Airports, Oil-Gas refineries, Malls, platform grills and fixation to concrete systems. 

Since the very first day of starting production, GERSAN A.Ş., provides any kind of technical services and solutions to its customers at stages from production of items to their use with qualified technical and academic personnel. In this sense, GERSAN A.Ş. is a complete "R & D" company and provides its customers with the future's products. 

Verification of temperature increase, electrical characteristics, structural strength, strength against crush, isolation strength against extraordinary temperatures, flame propagation strength, fire barrier, voltage decrease in system and EMC tests mentioned in IEC EN 60439/1 and 2 standards are executed by means of precision devices. Our items which hold international certificates such as GOST, IEC, BS, TSE, EN, ISO, CE are source of pride at projects realized at various countries such as Viet Nam, Chili, Argentina, Sri Lanka, Algeria, Russia Morocco, Turkic countries, Albania, Dubai and Qatar.Our quality policy is to offer quality items and services that would meet requirements of our customers for competitive prices, to make timely deliveries and to ensure continuance of service and quality. Our target is constantly producing high quality items. Our basic target is to be a world brand at our field of operation. 

Our products are under patent. Gersan A.Ş. is a 60% publicly held company quoted to I.M.B.K (Istanbul Stock Exchange)